PR (Public relations) is management functionality similar to finance, human resources, accounting and other fields. It has similar foundations like any management stream as –Top Public Relations Agencies - Public Relation Tools goals, strategies, objectives, target audience, tactics.

Manage Public Relations Efficiently

The main function of PR executives is to establish and maintain public relations concerned with their client organization. It involves various activities like conducting different events, using different outlets. Public relations is not only restricted to government bodies but businesses, organizations, non-profit organizations and individuals can use public relations services for reputation management and other utilities.

Public relations use various tools for its functions of establishing and maintaining relations of the organization. Various public relations tools include –
  • Guest editorials
  • Special events
  • Press release
  • Public service announcements
  • News releases
  • Photos, captions
  • Sponsorships and contributions
  • Broadcast/ print interviews
  • Media tours
  • Social media advertising

Expand Your Global Reach With Effective PR Strategies

Besides these tools, there are many other innovative ways to give wide exposure to the organization and its messages. The skills and experience of PR executive play important role in using tools for public relations effectively and efficiently. Press release is one of the effective tools of public relations. Press release is a written or recorded communication directed to the news media to publish story. Press release is mailed, emailed or faxed to various outlets like newspapers, radio stations, magazines, TV channels or networks. Use of press release is common in public relations field. Internet technology has changed the way of press release submission nowadays. You will find commercial as well as free press release distribution services online.

Top Public Relations Agencies - Public Relation Tools Press releases are of different types based on the message they are going to convey. Accordingly, their format and rules change. The main types of press release include –
  • General news release – This type of press release include news to be spread in public. Its main purpose is to gain exposure, coverage and interest of people.
  • Product Press Release – It is used to launch new products or different products. Product press release can be effective with photos of products and its specifications
  • Launch press release – It is more specific and needs time management. Its main goal is to create buzz about the upcoming product and its awareness.
  • Staff announcement release – this press release is used to inform top management changes and reforms.
  • Event press release – Typically it is list or outline.
  • Expert positioning release – This type of release focuses on report, results and statistics.
You can use press release and other PR tools to manage public relations efficiently.